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Designed at: 10/17/2006
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The 7th Water Sector Technology Salon:

China Reclaimed Water Strategy.

h2o-china.com, allying with Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, held the 7th Advanced Technology Salon. At present, reclaimed water has become a key issue of the untraditional water resource. China has issued the reclaimed water technology policy and construction schedule, and a technology research program is prepared to be launched.

The salon was presided by Mrs. Zhang Lizhen, the general manager of h2o-china.com; the attendees of this salon include: Mr. Zheng Xingcan (chief engineer of National Technology Research Center of Urban Water Supply and Drainage), Mr. Wang Kaijun (chief engineer of Beijing Research Academy of Environmental Sciences ), Mr. Wang Hongchen (chief engineer of Beijing Water Drainage Group), Mr. Fu Tao (director of Water Sector Policy Research Center, Tsinghua University), Mr. Wang Jun (chief engineer of Beijing Urban Planning & Design Intitute) Mr. Li Yi (chief engineer of Beijing General Research & Design Institute of Municipal Engineering), Mr. Zhang Tong (director of Environmental Protection Center of General Armament Department), Mr. Zhu Yanbo (vice-general manager of Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Co., Ltd), Mr. Han Wei (vice-chief engineer of Beijing Capital Co. Ltd), Mr. Li Jian (general manager at Tianjin Taida New Water Resource Co.,Ltd), Mrs. Huang Xia (professor of Environmental Engineering Department, Tsinghua University), Mr. Zhu Mingyang (vice-general manager at Tsinghua Tongfang Water Sector Co.,Ltd), Mr. Yang Rujun (ex- vice director of Community Department, Zhongzi Co.,Ltd), Mrs. Chang Miao (vice-researcher of Water Sector Policy Research Center, Tsinghua University).

The seminar was presided by Dr. Fu Tao. Mr. Zheng Xingcan made the opening speech. In his speech, Mr. Zheng Xingcan introduced typical projects in reclaimed water sector, including: usage, general object and strategy of the planning, criterion, main factors in urban reclaimed water system and security issues, etc. After the opening speech, Mr. Wang Hongchen made his speech on the present status and development strategy of reclaimed water in Beijing, there was one point mooted in his speech: water is the only irreplaceable but renewable resource. Water Reclaiming was the fundamental way to solve the severe water shortage in Beijing district.

After the keynote speeches, specialists joined the heated discussion. They expressed their respective opinions on the develop principle, schedule, economic feasibility, technology route, and prospect of water reclaiming. At last, Dr. Fu Tao summarized the opinions arose in the discussion. He pointed out that there was an important issue should be considered: water reclaiming was a resource strategy or an environmental strategy. And the usage of reclaimed water should be raised to the watershed level.

After the conference, h2o-china.com published the Water Sector Green Book VII. In this book, it gave a comprehensive sum up of the opinions aroused in the discussion.