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Designed at:3/31/2006
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The 6th Technology Salon:

Focus on the New countryside water supply & drainage


Focused on the “water and wastewater problems in ‘New Countryside Construction’”, this salon had discussed three problems: drinking water safety; centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment, storm water and wastewater treatment and infrastructure construction.

Participants including: Mr. Zhang Yue (the deputy director general at Urban Construction Department, MOC) , Mrs. Chen Jing (the deputy director general at Beijing Water Authority), Mrs Cao Yanjin ( the division chief at Urban Construction Department, MOC), Mr Qi Jinjun( the division chief at Beijing Water Authority), Mr Bi Yonggang ( the division chief at Beijing Water Authority), Mrs Hang Shijun(the former vice-chief engineer at Beijing Urban Planning & Design Intitute), Mr Chen Jining( the vice-president at Tsinghua Universtiy), Mr Wang Kaijun(the chief engineer at Beijing Research Academy of Environmental Sciences), Mr Yang Xiangpin(general manager at Beijing Water Drainage Group), Mr. Wang Hongchen (chief engineer at Beijing Water Drainage Group), Pro. Huang Xia and Vice- Pro. Liu Wenjun at Tsinghua Universtiy, Mr. Yang Jifu(the deputy division director at Research Academy of Water Conservancy, MOWR), Mr. Li Jinming(the division director at Resource and Environmental Construction, Technology Development Center, MOWR), Pro. Zhang Rong( Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention), Mr. Song Youchuan ( the division director at China Development Bank), Mr. Dai Richen( general manager at Tsinghua Tongfang Water Sector Co.,Ltd), Mr Zhang Fapeng( the chief engineer at Tsinghua Tongfang Water Sector Co.,Ltd), Mr. Liang Hui(the vice general director at the Beijing Bishuiyuan Technology Co.Ltd), Dr. Zhang Jian( Wanruo Environmental Engineer Co. Ltd), Mr. Fu Tao (the director at Water Policy Research Center of Tsinghua University), Mrs. Zhang Lizhen, the general manager of h2o-china.com Corporation, Ms. Chang Miao (the vice-researcher at Water Sector Policy Research Center of Tsinghua University).

The discussion was presided by Pro. Chen Jinin and Dr. Fu Tao. Mr. Wang Kaijun and Vice-Pro. Liu Wen Jun made the opening speech respectively. In his speech, Mr. Wang Kaijun made detailed introduction of environmental pollution control and sustainable development in rural and remote areas. Because of its specific characteristics, he proposed that the principle of pollution control in rural areas should be different from traditional centralized treatment technology. He also elaborated on the trait and feasibilities of technology scheme. Later on, Vice-Pro Liu Wen Jun made particular description of the key technology and pilot study about safety water supply in rural areas. He proposed three development ladders from “drinking water relief” through “drinking water safety” to “drinking water convenience” in rural water supply.

After the theme speeches, specialists undertook the heated discussion. Although many contradiction and divergence come forth in discussion about “New Countryside Construction”, it is unanimously agreed that the solution to water and wastewater problems in new village should be different from the traditional water treatment model in rural and remote areas.

After the conference, h2o-china.com published the ?“Water Sector Green Book XII”. In this book, it gives a comprehensive sum up of the opinions arose in the discussion.