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Designed at:12/13/2005
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The 5th Technology Salon:

Harbin water cut-off accident and urban water supply O&M mechanism


Focused on “Harbin water cut-off accident and urban water supply O&M mechanism”, this salon mainly discussed two aspects: emergency mechanism of urban water supply, stability of urban water source system.

Participants including: Pro. Qian Yi(academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering),Mr. Zhang Yue(the deputy director general of Urban Construction Department, MOC), Mr. Wang Huan(the division director of MOC), Mrs Hang Shijun(the former vice-chief engineer at Beijing Urban Planning & Design Intitute), Mr. Chen Jining(the director at Environmental Science and Technology Department, Tsinghua University), Mr. Wang Kaijun(the chief engineer at Beijing Research Academy of Environmental Sciences), Mrs. Qie Yanqiu(the vice chief engineer at the Beijing Urban Planning & Design Intitute), Pro. Wang Zhansheng, Pro. Zhang Xiaojian, Vice Pro. Liu Wenjun(Environmental Science and Technology Department, Tsinghua University), Mrs. Zhang Suxiao( senior engineer at the 9th Plant, Beijing Water Supply Group, Co.Ltd), Mr. E Xueli( Researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention), Mr. Zhang Fapeng( the chief engineer at Tsinghua Tongfang Water Sector Co.,Ltd), Mr. Wang Jun( the vice chief engineer at the Beijing Urban Planning & Design Intitute), Mr. He Shouping( the chief editor of h2o-china.com Corporation), Mrs. Han Wei( the vice chief engineer at the Beijing Capital Co.Ltd), Mr. Chen Depin (the technology director at Xitu China Group, Co.Ltd), Mr. Fu Tao (the director at Water Policy Research Center of Tsinghua University), Mrs. Zhang Lizhen, the general manager of h2o-china.com Corporation, Mrs. Chang Miao (the vice-researcher at Water Sector Policy Research Center of Tsinghua University).

The discussion was presided by Pro. Chen Jinin and Dr. Fu Tao. Pro.Zhang Xiaojian and Vice-Pro. Liu Wenjun made the opening speech respectively. Pro.Zhang Xiaojian, the technology director in Specialists Group of Ministry of Construction P.R.China, made detailed introduction of the work done by the Specialists Group in Haerbin. The Specialists Group acted not only as consultants but also as members of the command headquarters. Vice-Pro. Liu Wenjun, the key member of the Specialists group, had proposed many valuable and effective measures, such as three color “red, yellow and green” labeling the water safety enhancement. In his speech, he also brought forward many suggestions, including: enhance drinking water quality standard, strengthen protection of raw water, study on emergency technology of urban water supply, alert in advance of water quality in pipelines, institutional management etc.

Mr.Zhang Yue, the vice director at MOC, introduced the work undergone by MOC in this accident. Together with concerned specialists, the MOC had instituted timely technology scheme and successfully conduct the command role on the spot. He highly appreciated the selflessness commitment and vital importance of the Specialists Group.

In hope of learning valuable experiences internationally, Mrs.Chang Miao and Mr.Wang Kaijun introduced two similar cases respectively: German Rhine pollution case and a public sanitation case in Canada.